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Founded in 1969 by Chief Executive Officer, John E. Rode, Temper Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Fonda, New York. Today, Temper Corporation continues to provide innovative design, exceptional product quality and strong customer service. Temper Corporation is a leader in precision assemblies and equipment with quality designs at lower costs.


The company's initial objective was to make high performance, cost effective metal spring sealing gaskets or static face seals, to be used on aerospace applications. However, due to cutbacks in aerospace spending in the early 1970's, the product emphasis shifted to newly invented compressible spacers. The Temper Load Ring™ Adjustable Spacer was developed and became an important component for customers to utilize in a wide range of assemblies, particularly for rapid and accurate adjustment of tapered roller bearings. The  Temper Load Ring is a precision contour ring designed to perform as a predictable compression force element which is fabricated from ductile, high strength metal alloys. The Temper Load Ring provides a way to simplify assembly, while improving the accuracy of bearing setting with a known pre-load, resulting in reduced production costs. The adjustable spacer eliminates measuring and shimming, and improves assembly fit and precision


Temper Corporation Launches New

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Temper Corp's NEW comprehensive website, with detailed product information, exhibits new solutions for bearing adjustments, high temperature sealing, and speed and direction sensing...
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