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Rail Axle Products
Temper Companies:  founded in 1969 by CEO and Chief Engineer John E. Rode (BSME, Iowa State; MSME, New Mexico State), Temper’s core competency is in designing and manufacturing bearing adjustment solutions for our industrial and commercial vehicle customers around the world. Temper® Load Rings:  adjustable spacers that compress at a constant force, and spring back a small known distance.  Achieves the same final bearing setting and shortens cycle times in bearing assembly and adjustment. High Temperature Metal Spring Seals:  multi-convolute metal spring seals, and other specialty metal seals, designed and manufactured to achieve specific sealing objectives. Temper Speed Sense™ Magnet Rings:  reliable and versatile solutions for speed control, positioning, counting and steering applications. Doctor Preload® Bearing Adjustment for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles:  game-changing products to set wheel end bearings on class 8 heavy duty trucks and busses to measured light preload specifications for optimal wheel end performance. Temper-Loc® Spindle Nuts for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles:  single nut solution for retaining wheel ends on axles of class 8 heavy duty trucks and busses. Temper-Loc Nuts for Industrial Applications:  the same technology used in truck and bus wheel end bearing adjustment can be applied to other industrial and vehicle bearing assemblies for accurate setting of preload or endplay settings.